Rory in Flowers

September 2009

Rory and Charles have been busy doing their thing. Charles has learned how to close doors with his paw. I let him outside, and then when he's had enough, he comes back in and closes the door. If Rory is inside with him, this is fine, but sometimes he locks her out, and she will stand there, outraged at the thought. The other cay, when he had closed them both in, I looked outside, and there they were in the yard. He can now open the door as well, but hitting the door lever just right with his paw. It's a fenced in yard so they are safe. but now I have to make sure the lock is on when they come back in. He's just too clever.

Generally, Rory is very even keeled. She rarely barks or cries. Last week, I went to do a home visit for another rescue group. I took Charles with me so I could observe how the prospective home got along with dogs. It was his turn for a treat. As I was leaving the house with him, Rory started to wail pitifully. Alexandra got home before we returned and she said Rory was still wailing when she got in. She must have been saying, "What have you done with my brother? I want him back!! Why does he get an outing and you left me home?" I thought that was just so cute.

Rory in Flowers

Rory and Charles

I'm Ellen, Alyson and Alexandra's mother. I've had Bostons all my life, and the girls have always had at least one Boston in their lives.

We have Tuffy, 13 1/2 and the crochety old man. He likes to sit on the top of the couch and look out the window and nap. He doesn't want to bother with the younger ones. Alex has posted his picture below.

Rory is almost 4, and a real lady. She loves to have her coat put on, and will lift one paw after the other to help. When she is tired, she will suck on a stuffed animal or blanket to put herself to sleep. At night, she sleeps under the covers. Her favorite toys are stuffed animals and chew bones, and, at almost 4, has now decided she wants to learn how to fetch a ball.

Charles, at 1, is the pesky younger brother. His interest is mainly in electronics, and he can unplug any plug and untie any rope or wire. My husband keeps trying to outwit him to keep our equipment safe, but so far, Charles is winning. Today he untied the fence my husband put around the computer desk with wire. Yesterday, he took a small portable tv outside in the snow so that he could watch tv while pooping. The other week he took off his Puppia and hid it outside, and hid my husband's wallet under the sofa. You get the picture.

Rory and Charles are brother and sister, and relatives of Genevieve's Clementine. Rory is her aunt, actually, and they look a lot alike, right down to the big brown dots on their stomachs.

Charles (Check those green eyes!)

Rory in Flowers

Hidden Puppia and Other Mischief

Here's a picture of where Charles hid the Puppia. And last week, my husband was missing his wallet. He looked all over for it for two days. Just when he was about to give up and get all new credit cards and license, the missing wallet was found under a couch. Not just under, way under, in a way that couldn't have happened by accident. Does anyone suspect Charles?

Then yesterday, he ate his father's glasses. Lowell was able to retwist them so as to be wearable, but still not pretty.

Charles is such a boy. He went to the vet's for his annual check up, and was found to be 25 pounds and completely healthy. The vet tech cleaned out his ears and remarked how they were dirty. I made appropriate noises. She said, you don't understand. They are filled with dirt- literally! The vet said just to let him enjoy being a boy. He doesn't know about the Puppia, wallet, and glasses.
Rory in Flowers

Puppia Update

When it was light enough this morning, their father surveyed the back yard. Sure, enough, Puppia was found hiding in a pile of leaves under the stairs to the deck. Charles' tags were still on it, but the buckle is completely gone. Charles blames Rory, but Rory says that Charles chewed it off himself. Who to believe?
Rory in Flowers

Poor Puppia

Alex is telling on them:

"This morning Rory and Charley were sleeping, but his camouflage puppia harness was on the floor, not on Charley. My mom picked it up and the buckle was completely chewed. Rory chewed it off of him! I said that Rory did it because "camo puppias are soooooo last spring. Let me take it off of you." Yikes. It was his good puppipa! Those babies are a mess."

And it put on the computer desk to show their father when he got home, but it disappeared. I looked in the back yard, where Charley takes all his treasures, but it was no where to be seen. Of course it isn't easy locating a camouflage Puppia among a backyard full of leaves that have fallen from the tree.